It took the length of a walk for the ground to give up it's frozen exterior and allow a late March sunrise draw out its soft muddy heart. The jays are nesting in the wood and the roar of the dawn chorus demands to be heard; standing still, arms by my sides, mouth agape in … Continue reading THAW


Today is a day that feels like a glass half empty. Grey, windy, classic Derbyshire November; I call it grizzle. Locals say there are two seasons in Derbyshire; June and the rest of the year. In spite of all the rain, even Carsington looks half empty as the sun rises. Something had left a gift … Continue reading Grizzle


A last blow and the leaves are off. In fact we are all off into winter now for certain. The air is cold and when I throw a ball for the dog it lands with a satisfying thock instead of the usual fut; good news as even the wettest of cow pats has grown a skin … Continue reading FROST