Ashbourne Writing Squad offers young people a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded people, share ideas and enjoy writing. Many young writers hadn’t done much before they joined and have gone on to win regional and national writing competitions.

The main focus of every workshop is to have fun, play with words and explore ideas. Every session comprises a series of warm up activities where a prompt is given and everyone writes their own response to it. Each workshop has a theme which is explored, often with the help of examples from published works such as novels, newspapers, poems and non-fiction texts.
Writers are encouraged to read out their work and share their ideas, but are never forced to do so. The young writers are supportive of each other and give each other the confidence to speak out.
We go on trips, hold summer schools and enter lots of competitions.
If you’d like to give it a try, please come along – the first session is always free. 
Following this, workshops cost £5 per session which can be paid for on the night, or as a block – cheques payable to Writing East Midlands. You will need to register at
If you have any questions about the group, please get in touch with me directly either by replying to this email or by phoning her on one of the numbers below.
Please note that due to high level of demand, the group has been split into two this year with Years 5, 6, 7 (Age 9-12) in the Junior Group and Years 8,9,10 (13+) in the Senior Group.
Ashbourne Young Writers meet monthly at Ashbourne library on Tuesday evenings, 4.45- 6.45pm
Cost: £5 per session (Chqs made payable to ‘Writing East Midlands’) or cash – First Session free.
Juniors Writing Squad ( School Years 5-7)
·         5th December 2017
·         9th January 2018
·         6th February 2018
·         6th March 2018
·         17th April 2018
·         1st May 2018
·         5th June 2018
·         3rd July 2018
Seniors Writing Squad (School Years 8-11)
·         21st November 2017
·         19th December 2017
·         23rd January 2018
·         20th February 2018
·         20th March 2018
·         24th April 2018
·         22nd May 2018
·         19th June 2018
·         17th July 2018